Sunday, November 25, 2007

Another Bar Exam?

So I've been thinking about taking another bar exam, since I'm still in school and I'm job hunting. If I get a job, I'll take the bar of that state. Since I don't have a job lined up, I was considering going ahead and registering for a state that I'd like to live in. BUT some states would just make me take their state parts instead of taking the MBE again, so I was thinking about those states. The top two contenders are Illinois and Georgia (i.e. Chicago or Atlanta). I'd really like to go to Boston, but I just don't feel like sitting through the MBE again, especially since I'll be taking a class and writing my thesis in the summer.

My life is so up in the air... anyone hiring?

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Two bits of news

#1 - I got sworn in this week, Tuesday to be exact. Thanks to my friend who is a notary - she really made it sweet, brought in cookies and everything, and we did it at study group with my friends around. Good times... now to scrounge up $22.

#2 - Just a funny (?) story. I know anxiety levels are high for those of you awaiting the California bar results, but I still want to share this story. A friend of mine took the WA bar. Results came back - maybe it's been three weeks ago now. So they post them online and you look for your name. She went online the day they were posted and her name wasn't there. She freaked out of course and was all bummed. You know what happened? They had accidentally left off like 100 names from the list - apparently people who were living out of state. Can you imagine?! Talk about intentional infliction of emotional distress!! Poor girl - she's recovered now.