Monday, July 30, 2007

Ya know what?

I miss the whole camaraderie. Friends in person and online have dispersed. Not that I wish I was studying again... but still...

Friday, July 27, 2007


I thought I'd jot down some comments about the test as a whole before they fade from memory (and boy are they fading - I slept in until 7:30 and felt like the Queen of Sheba!). I guess I'll just write it down in one very long post (namely for anyone taking the Feb. '08 Florida bar exam who was just as clueless as I was). Alrighty...

Arrival & Hotel:

If you're the nervous type, I really recommend driving down Sunday. I found my Monday to be pretty hectic. We arrived, then of course you want to hug and share some bitching with all the close friends you haven't seen since graduation. Then it was dinner, and I found that I never got to settle in or pretend to flip through notes to make myself feel better. The Hyatt is a great location - a straight walk (past a bar which is hoppin' after the test) to the center. They offer a shuttle for $3, but unless you've got some reason that you need to take a car, it was a relaxing walk that lasted maybe 3 minutes max. There's a hotel closer (right across the street)... I think it was an Embassy Suites. I was pleased with the Hyatt. Ran into people in the lobby, could avoid them in my room. The bed was super comfy. When you book, ask for the "bar exam rate" which is 130 (they increase the rates depending on occupancy, so the rates during the exam are higher than if you choose to stay an extra day). Also when budgeting, remember that you have to pay for parking. A tip - valet at the hotel is more expensive than parking at the city garage around the corner. Pull up to the valet, let them take your bags, then ask for the garage - it's literally one turn, and you save mad parking money (it still totaled about $28 for 3 days). Park on the 3rd level of the garage, and you're at a covered walk way that connects to the hotel - easy as pie.

Exam Day 1:

So I was clueless what to do aside from arrive at the center with my little piece of paper. Here's what happens. When you first come in, you check your bags (don't bring a bag - there is really no reason for it - promise! If you bring your laptop, ditch the carrying case... bring the unit and cord in your hands - makes life easier). Then you take your ticket into a room (follow the crowd) where you trade your signed ticket for a photo ID badge. You take your photo ID badge and your stuff up the escalators one level, and then you divide hand writers from laptop users. This was probably the most chaotic part of the morning. No one really directs you were to go. If you wear a polo shirt, like I did, everyone will ask you directions. If you felt like being mean - this would be a great opportunity. Anyhow, the laptop line is crazy long, and the hand writers feel like V.I.P. In the area before you go through the metal detectors, there are tables and chairs where you can read over your notes. Then toss them in the bin before you go through the detectors. They're pretty strict on what you can bring in. I brought my stuff in a ziplock and was left alone, but the line next to me had a cop who made you throw away every piece of paper (even the envelope your ticket came in). I'll recommend what you should bring below.

Here's a big tip. There is no reason to arrive early, because once you get through the metal detector, you're crammed into another holding area - laptop users in one, hand writers in the other. It's hot, crowded, and close to bathrooms (which I'll discuss later). There's enough nervous energy to blast the entire convention center into orbit. I'd say, if you're getting there early because you just can't believe what I say, find a spot against the wall, pop in your earplugs, and close your eyes. A little after 8, they'll let you into the testing room. Prepare to be shocked. It's like walking into a room designed by Nazis - no seriously, it's Nazi architecture. Big white columns, high ceiling, and a podium down in the front center (which I couldn't see - but the voice over the speaker phone kept mentioning). The number on your photo ID is your seat number. Computer people are all on the far left, writers on the right. Aside from the line to get through the metal detector, I couldn't tell you what the ratio of computer to hand writers was, because I couldn't see any computers from where I sat. Seriously big room! There were more than 3,000 of us (because my badge number was in the 3,000s).

So you sit two people to a table, facing the front. There are digital timers at the front of the room which are the official timers. If you're nearsighted, bring your glasses. The room is cold, but my adrenaline kept me warm. They go through all the instructions with you, finger printing, etc. Overall, pretty painless, my only complaint was getting there early and being in the contained area close to the bathrooms. On that note:


  • First of all, they say the bathrooms inside the testing room don't open until 9am - when the test starts. That's not true, people were using them at 8:45. I do know, however, that a friend of mine was told she couldn't use them (but everyone else was - so that proctor must have been a jerk).

  • Second... do whatever you can to avoid the restroom. It is a bona fide warzone. I didn't go during the test, but on my lunch break, I thought it would be a good idea. I hate to be explicit, but we all know how crazy some people's nerves are before the test and how much coffee people have been drinking. Not everyone found their 48 hour zen... and I think they all got together to share their woes in the bathroom. Especially true the first day - so use at your own risk. I walked in, and thought I was about to lose my lunch all over the place, and felt sick after walking out of there for a few minutes.

  • I don't know what to recommend. The second day was better. I went on my lunch break again - this time timed so as to avoid the crowd. There was still a girl yakking in the stall next to me, but I guess since it was less crowded, it wasn't as intense. Just breath shallow, put your sleeve over your nose, and go as fast as you can.

  • Enough.
What to Bring into the Exam:
  • I ended up putting my stuff into a clear ziplock, and it made the metal detector process cake. I just handed the baggie to the cop, and walked through.

  • Something long sleeved to layer - it is cold. It was even colder the second day.

  • Earplugs - even if you don't normally use them, just in case.
  • Pencils - they provided us with two.

  • Pens - they told us that they preferred the use of black ink, but that you'd still be graded if you used blue.
  • Room key, credit card, and drivers license.

Learn from Our Mistakes:
  • Don't forget your external harddrive.
    • You'll either end up making a Monday night trip to Best Buy like two friends of mine, or

    • You'll end up handwriting surrounded by computer users, because your seat number is assigned based on how you registered. My friend who forgot her external harddrive wanted me to tell you that she decided to handwrite, and preferred it. Being surrounded my computer users she said it looked stressful, people didn't know how to log off, when they could turn their computers off, or realize that they'd have to upload their answers after the exam, but before 10pm, and probably paying for the internet.

  • You have to have internet to upload your answers - in the Hyatt that means $10... and you can't share it with someone else.

  • Really do bring earplugs - even if you don't normally use them. You could be like the guy who was seated next to the girl who cried through the whole exam, or the one that hums prayers under her breath. You never know.

  • Y'all have any mistakes to share?

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Pass or Fail

Pass or fail - we pushed through it all.

Still Hungover

I'm back home... in one piece... sleepy and hungover. Updates later!

Monday, July 23, 2007


Went to bed at 10... rolled over and I was still awake at 12... gotta run to the grocery store and post office before I hit the road... it's going to be a long day - er... week.

Edit: !$*&! %&@!^ @&!*$!!!! My apartment cut off the water WITHOUT my statutory 12 hour notice. I had to call a friend, haul it to her house with my towel, bed head, and unbrushed mouth. Thank god for friends... of all the days people... of all the days.

Sunday, July 22, 2007


I may not be a god fearing woman, but...

I Couldn't Stay Away

Of course I couldn't...

me: no biggie - I was just curious like if you had to put your pencils in a ziplock or something crazy I didn't know about
Friend: but the pink sheet says no food, drink, bags, purses, fannybags, alarm watches phones or beepers. it says to bring pencils, a black pen and a watch, but it doesn't say how to bring it.
me: no fanny bags???
Friend: I know, right!
me: haha
Friend: (it actually says waist/belt pouches)

You better leave your fanny packs at home, kids.

The Night Before

It's the night before I leave for the test, and I'm clueless. I dragged out a suitcase, dropped my entrance ticket in, and that's it. I never thought about the practical stuff... I went to school and printed out a map to get to the hotel. I'm not mapping out wherever the test is, because I'm assuming that there will be hordes of people walking there, and I can just kind of hop into the river and float there.

We can't bring anything into the test center, so I'm tempted to just throw my credit card & house key in my back pocket and leave it at that, but I know I'll end up bringing my laptop, cellphone, etc.

I sold a book on and it pissed me off, because I don't have time for that now! I've gotta hit the post office and grocery store before leaving town. I made more off the book than I bought it for, so it's worth it... I guess... If I don't pass I'll be needing that extra $20 dollars. Hell, I'll need it anyway - I'm still a starving student. I'm heading into my 21st year of school... can you believe that?

Anyway - if I don't hop online tomorrow (although I probably will), consider this my farewell post.

Good luck to all of you across the nation.


Is everyone sick or am I hypersensitive? Regardless, I'd like to take this opportunity to place a free advertisement for Airborne - the effervescent immune system defense. Please, if you're going to be in that room in Tampa with me - take your vitamins! Oh, and while I'm making demands... don't shake your leg during the test.

Did you guys know that rumor has it that we face each other diagonally? Who thought that was a good idea? I guess it's a complex seating system to shove every bar examinee in the state into one room.

Legally Committed

I was expecting this to happen a lot sooner, but I just received my first:

"How to have someone legally committed"

Google search. I hope, at a minimum, that I helped you diagnose the candidate.

Saturday, July 21, 2007


I ran into a fellow bar studier leaving the library tonight (go figure). The exchange went something like this:

Him: Hey
Me: Oh hey - what's up?
Him: Headed home, when are you leaving?
Me: Right now...
Him: What?
Me: Wait - what are you talking about?
Him: Tampa - when are you leaving for Tampa?
Me: Oooooooooooohh!
Him: Did you forget or something?
Me: No... just been trying to block it out of my memory. I'm leaving Monday, you?
Him: I'm leaving tomorrow morning - you never know what can happen.


Reality REALLY set in... tomorrow?? So I called my friend I'm carpooling with and said "Oh, we can print out directions on Sunday... ... ... I mean, tomorrow."


*rocking in the fetal position*

Aggressive Studying

A lot of my notes have begun to include obscenities. Good stress relief!

I'm there... I'm there...


Boyfriend: [nose wink] 65 hours to the bar... fun fun
me: thanks... thanks for that
me: go back to work
Boyfriend: heh heh
Boyfriend: yes ma'am

Contemplating Lunch...

Friend (12:35:32 PM): I'm outlining contracts answers... i'm so ready for a breach
Friend (12:35:34 PM): break!!!
Friend (12:35:36 PM): DAMN IT!
Me (12:35:31 PM): haha... oh no you didn't!

Friday, July 20, 2007

Slow News Day

I don't really have anything interesting to talk about today. I did another 100 MBEs this morning and went over the answers. Realized I still sucked at con law, so I've been reading up on it. I'm thinking about doing some PMBR questions just on con law (oh the horror!). Then I think I'll switch over to Florida con law which is a perfect transition into tomorrow - back to Florida law with a simulated exam.

Actually a pretty nice little Saturday, we're going to go to Home Depot. Yeah, buy some wallpaper, maybe get some flooring, stuff like that. Maybe Bed, Bath, & Beyond, I don't know, I don't know if we'll have enough time.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Musical Interlude

After reading this post, I had to put this here:

It's been my song of the summer. Then I remembered my bar prep CD that never got published to third parties. Sorry for those of you I meant to distribute it to... I think you can understand my lack of action now. Anyhow, here are some highlights from it:

I'm bouncing off the walls again
and I'm looking like a fool again
waking up on the bathroom floor
pull myself back together just to fall once more

You make me com-
You make me complete
You make me completely miserable

Stuck to a chair
Watchin' this story about me
Everything goes by so fast
Making my head spin

My rendition of the Daft Punk song... I spent my entire night on this... haha

and finally...


(and I wish you all a hair day like that!)

I'm a Posting Machine

So yeah... I'm procrastinating between each essay I do. But whatever. I was just talking to a friend about the exam, and we were laughing about how the schools provide lunches for their alumni. In fact, our school goes so far as to provide a career counselor for our last minute career placement needs. Umm... yeah... 'cause that's totally what I'm going to be thinking about on my lunch break. Please...


I must have a lot of company in the looney bin. I'm getting crazy hits with crazy search terms from what appear to be strung out bar studiers. It appears that people want confirmation that the PMBR session "sucked," that they're not abnormal in running through numerous highlighters, and I've ascertained that the most feared subject is apparently trusts.

I'm Incompetent

After being stood up by my lunch dates, the hunger is too much, so I decide a friend and I decide to go grab some lunch. After a brief miscommunication with the cashier over whether there were eggs on my friend's salad, we successfully eat our lunch. Upon leaving, I notice that someone parked their huge van crooked, so as to make it hard for me to back out, and difficult to get inside without hitting their car. I curse them before I realize that "they" are sitting inside their van with the windows down. Damnit! I pretend like it didn't just happen, put my drink on top of the car, and edge between the cars, squish my hand between my door and the side of their car so as not to bump them, shut the door and begin the slow process of backing out (with someone waiting behind me).

Ugh... so I get out, and start to pull forward when someone honks. This might just throw me over the edge. I look back and the person who had been waiting is motioning to the top of my car. The drink. Damnit! I can't function anymore. That's a lifetime first, but now I feel totally incompetent.

I get home and registration materials for next year are in my mailbox. I just can't handle thinking out a schedule this week. I can't think beyond Tuesday... I really can't. The school I'm going to next year put me on hold and dropped my call. I finally got my immunizations dealt with (for the third time this summer), and classes will wait. I'll probably end up in the history of Mozambique's legal system.


Morning Conversation

This is what happens when you try to speak after doing 100 MBEs before 10am.

me: Paaaam my brain hurts
Pam: i'm sorry... just a few days until freedom, though. What are you going to do to celebrate?
me: move
Pam: HAHAHA... you're kidding
me: no - I'm moving out on saturday - new lease starts the following friday. So it's me, mom, my bar with no A/C & a Uhaul
me: omg
me: my bar
me: my CAR
Pam: hahah
me: see? I'm seriously disturbed
Pam: you were seriously disturbed beofre this test ;)
me: that was mean!
Pam: i meant it in the sweetest way
me: haha


Pam: i mean, look who's talking

Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Despite the fact that I don't want to live there, I should've taken the Alabama bar exam.* I mean, I don't really know where I want to live, but a 128 to pass is sooooo sweet. What is it, an average of 54%? Actually, I should've gone to Wisconsin... I like winters and you don't even have to take a bar exam if you go to state school. Can you imagine the vacation you could be on right now using up the last of your student loans?? Hello Tahiti!

*I was born and raised there - it's not a completely random choice.

Hotel Confirmation

Reality set in when I got an email from the hotel in Tampa. Not like it hadn't set in before - but I enjoy the constant reminders. Especially reminders of the bills - those always make me smile.

My "freedom" has officially started. I kicked it off with some kind of caramel drink from Starbucks (I'd never tried it before, but the woman said it was the #1 seller - and so far, pretty tasty). I now have tonight and 4 full days to cement what I hope I've learned.

So, let go
Jump in
Oh well, what you waiting for?
It's all right
'Cause there's beauty in the breakdown

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

PMBR Review

So I guess it's worthwhile. I always feel like I'm wasting my time when they belabor things I know well... and the breaks when I could really keep going. Plus I hate that they're in the morning when my brain is sharp, and then they let me out at 4pm, when I have to push to keep chugging. But it's good to hear things over and over and to see why I missed questions (even when it's reading over the word "not" in a page long fact pattern towards the end of the 100q set... grrr...).

For some reason, I reverted back to 10 year old status and started giggling every time the old man said "panties" even though it was during a totally inappropriate question to be laughing at. It's just one of those words... I'll never grow up...

I'm in PMBR

We have internet... this is bad... very bad!! Of course, the first time I bring a computer to class, we have internet!

Monday, July 16, 2007

Random Comment

The PMBR instructions said "Mark your choice of an answer with a single heavy, dark line" (emphasis in original). So I did exactly that, even though what they provided us with was a bubble sheet. Then the correct answer sheet they provide is a bubble sheet with the exact same instructions at the top, but with the answers completely bubbled in.

And people wonder why we have problems in Florida with hanging chads, dimpled/pregnant chads, etc.?*

*I was not registered to vote in Florida for the 2000 election, but I'm just sayin'.


Thank god that one's over! I thought I was going to die around question 180. As I turned to the last page of questions, the text was kind of blurry and I started to wonder if I was going blind or if the print on the page was a little smeared. I decided on the former once I finished the test and couldn't see beyond two rows in front of me. This profession isn't easy on the eyes. I succumbed to glasses this year on account of my eternal seat in front of my laptop. At least I've always wanted glasses! (They're a fashion accessory!)

Anyway, the test didn't FEEL as painful as people had scared me for. I FELT like I was answering along a-okay. Then I got home to grade it. I marked my first column and only got 4 questions right. Wow, I thought, I'm not even going to make it to 20% on this baby. Then, I awoke from my post-exam stupor and realized I was grading my morning answers against the afternoon score sheet. Oops! I'd like to say that I got an 80% when I flipped it over, but I didn't. I won't get into scores, because my friends read this, and I don't like getting into all that, but I did better than the 20% I originally thought!

Wow - not only does this stuff make your eyes go to hell, but common sense has taken a back seat too. I mean, I made it through more than one column of grading the wrong thing before I realized my error. You guys had me scared so bad about it!

Alright - break over. Time to get back to evidence.

To the people who've taken the PMBR 3-day course... should I bother going to the two days of review?

Final Practice Test

I'm sitting down for my last practice MBE. As another blogger noted, this will be the last time I sit down for 200 questions in one sitting until next Tuesday. I'm looking forward to getting 50% right and having my ego crushed, yet again.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Another Exciting Day

I don't know what to do with myself this last week. Continue to follow the paced program? Focus on the MBE? Focus on Florida law? Keep pounding away at my weaknesses? Skip the PMBR I've paid for? Suck it up and spend 3 days 9-4 in the class?

I really prefer structure... so I think I'll just keep with the paced program, stick out the PMBR as long as I can, and spend at least an hour a day on torts or con law (my weaknesses).

This really really sucks. If I fail, I'm going to be a paralegal... you know those good ones make more money than starting government attorneys!

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Fake Out

So today's test was a bit of a fake out. We got there, and they only had 3 hours allotted for us. The teacher basically said - do as many of the 3 essays/100 MCs as you can... try to write out at least one of the essays. I thought I'd be pushed for time, but I finished my MCs and was able to issue spot two of the three essays (the third I had seen before). So I guess all's well that ends well. The questions were poorly worded and hopefully not representative of what the real thing will be like, but at least I sat through another practice test - practice, practice, practice.

Other than that I've just been focusing on crim & civ pro. Sometimes my life is so exciting, I'm scared I'll make all of you jealous.

Yet Another Practice Test

The school is throwing another practice test today. This will be three days in a row. But like I said, after this, I'm done with Florida law. I need to get back to the multistate, because I've still got a couple demons with con law & torts.

There's really nothing else to talk about - haha. I mean, I have no life anymore.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Baby Dogs!

Everyone who knows me, knows that annually, typically in the summer (although this spring I was pretty bad with my co-workers at the court), I get puppy fever. I tell myself that I can't get one yet, because my life isn't settled, and I move around a lot... but that doesn't stop me from looking.

Over my morning coffee, I'm generally on checking out the latest cuties. THESE are the latest cuties and I want BOTH of them. I'm sure the link will be broken in less than a week, because I hope they get adopted real quick.

Puppy fever is especially bad this year, because several of my friends have succumbed. There's a new chihuahua and a new black lab joining my friend network. I'm hoping that I can go play with their puppies and stave off my puppy fever for another season. No little puppy wants to be stuck in my little apartment next year.

*sigh* Time for another 6 hour practice test. Catch you on the flip side.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

I Survived!

So it wasn't so bad. I got a passing score. I sure hope the real thing is like that (I know, I know, but I can dream). I think the Florida parts of the bar exam are going to carry me through, and help me out if my MBE isn't so hot.

I'm listening to the online review lectures - two of the three lecturers are really bad - I mean laughably bad. I still listen, 'cause I'm always scared they'll give away the meaning to life or something. Alas...

Alright, back to slugging through these reviews. I've got two more of these simulated tests - they're both supposed to be done Saturday, so I'm going to do one tomorrow and one Saturday. Then I'm going to leave Florida law until a week from now.

Practice Test Today

I'm about to head over to the law school to take a practice exam. I've got one today and one Saturday with a day in between to crawl into the fetal position and rock. Today, I'll find out if all the essay outlining I've been doing has paid off and helps me write some essays.

In other news, a friend of mine from Miami, and fellow bar studier, drove up here to study until D-day. It's good to have him up here, even though we're all nutty around this time. I'm hoping all the nervous energy is a good thing that'll keep us buzzing for another week and a half.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

What Up St. Louis?

This post has nothing to do with St. Louis except to say hi to my readers in Missouri. There are a handful of you, which is weird, because I don't know anyone in St. Louis. But of course, the more the merrier - so hello & welcome.

I stumbled onto this which made me laugh. It's so true - we have this one guy in Florida who is nuts with the acronyms. He'll make one out of anything by just taking the first letters of the elements and mushing them into a word. My favorite was: "sad breaak tad, charm t"

'Cause I'm totally going to remember that and what each letter is for - aircraft piracy?? "Dipno" was also a classic - you had to remember the D, I & P... and the N&O are really the word "no." I think I'll stick with contextual memory (which is also scary!).

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Bar Video Game

Some kid had a funny thought. Random & worth sharing.

Monday, July 9, 2007

Getting to Know You

Linda at Pataphysicalscience tagged me with a ...I don't even know what it is. I've also never done one of these before, but I'm along for the ride.


1. We have to post these rules before we give you the facts.
2. Players start with eight random facts/habits about themselves.
3. People who are tagged write their own blog about their eight things and post these rules.
4. At the end of your blog, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names.

So here are eight random facts that you may or may not know about me: (notice how uncreative I am, as I mimic Linda)

(1) I've starred in a television commercial.

Okay, "star" might not be the right word. When I was younger, I played the daughter in a Steakout commercial. It aired in Tennessee, Georgia, Florida, and (allegedly) Mississippi. Wow I'm practically ready for the red carpet.

(2) I volunteered in Estonia working with pre-teens.

And as an aside, I got to go to a Rolling Stones concert there. I had a great time, but it was definitely another look at life. Plus I remember the whole time the program director was trying to marry me off to a local... meddling much?

(3) An international family, really.

I only have one sister, but she lives in Italy.

(4) I'm addicted to hot pink.

I've got like 5 hot pink shirts (various neck cuts), my friends gave me a hot pink body pillow for my last birthday, my laptop case is hot pink, and my bed sheets and comforter are hot pink (like, had-to-be-bought-in-the-13-year-old-girl-section hot pink).
I can't get enough!

(5) I'm also addicted to reality television.

I can't miss an episode of Amazing Race or Survivor. Now Big Brother has started during bar study... not good, because it comes on like 3 times a week. The sacrifices I have to make (not the tv show, the studying - hah!). If I fail, it's CBS' fault.

(6) I am weary of online banking & credit.

This one is a favorite point of my boyfriend's to make fun of. I wrote checks up until about a year and a half ago (and I still pay all my bills with checks through the mail) - yes, I was that person in line in front of you at the grocery store writing out a check and holding you up. I finally got the hang of my debit card, and just recently got a credit card - about 3 months ago. It makes me nervous when I don't have paper bills - I hate all this electronic business. Yep, you guessed right, that means I'm taking my bar exam on paper.

(7) I'm going back to school next year.

Most of you know this already... but it's getting down to the bottom of the barrel here. Yes, after all of this studying for the bar, I'll be right back in the game after a two week break. LL.M. here I come!

(8) ...drum roll please... My first premolar bicuspid (#12) is backwards

TMI? Well, it's not gross or anything. Too far back to be noticeable, and even if you were looking, you probably wouldn't notice unless you were a dentist (or my dad). Just a little fact though - I figured NO one would know THAT about me.


So I don't know 8 bloggers... and most of the people on here are studying for the bar and don't have time for this (I'll be honest - I took several days for this). So I'm going to tag two non-law bloggers:

Pam at Cave Cibum

Trying at Online Dating Stories

Everyone else who wants to! :)

Public Thank You

Today was a bad day. For starters, it's a Monday... but on top of that, we had corporations lecture which just goes on and on with minute details. I took a 15 minute lunch, and got down to work. By 6:30, my brains were scrambled, so I crawled online at a school computer and started whining to my friend, Pam.

I decide I better just leave, so I drive home, haul all my books into my apartment, and check the mail. There's a package there from Pam!!!! She baked me fancy schmancy cookies and gave me a little present. Today of all days, I really needed it. THANK YOU PAM!!! It was really what I needed, and you've got perfect timing.

Also, a friend sent me this link. To which, in my brain dead state, I replied: "Thanks for shating." So, I thought I'd shat it with all of you, because in the words of my friend, "it was nice to get some well wishes from a random source."

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Panic Sets In

Panic is starting to set in. I just realized that I'm only going to have four days to myself to study what *I* need to study instead of going to class like a drone. It's pretty crippling.

I told my boyfriend that if I fail, I'm going to get pissed - REALLY pissed. I'm going to break things, throw things, and burn something. The thought of going through this again? I don't know, I think med school is next on the list.

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Exterminate All Pets!

In a delirious moment while studying Florida property law, my friend recited:

Landlord has a duty to exterminate all pets

I repeated it to her, and we burst out laughing. We're so brain dead, we can't even "speak straight."

Friday, July 6, 2007

Can I get an 'M'?

After a delirious conversation about the spelling of "commingle," I was relieved to read this on a fellow blogger's site.

You say commingle. I say co-mingle.

Does it bother anyone else that commingle is spelled with two 'm's? says that the prefix is 'com' meaning 'jointly, together, with.' So it must be right... but it still bothers me. But I digress, and regardless of how it's spelled, a trustee has a duty not to do it.

For more, link.

MBE Scores are Back

There's some good, some bad, and some ugly. At least now I know which subjects I need to brush up on!

Friday afternoon, and I'm off to the library. It totally felt like I was going to get a weekend this week... class got out before 1pm and everything. I'll never learn... ;)

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Because I'm Lazy

I'm sure you've all seen this, but I'm trying to catch up on homework I neglected in order to shoot off explosives last night.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

I feel good!

Even though I had the day off, I got up at my regular time and hit the library by 8:30. Met up with a friend and outlined attacks for torts and trusts essays. I feel really accomplished, because it kind of also acted as a good review. I've got to do my "actual" homework still, but then I'm calling it quits. If the weather clears up, maybe I'll catch some fireworks.

Oh! I totally missed the Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest which I look forward to every year. I missed 66 hot dogs in 12 minutes!!! Unbelievable!!! I'd like to meet Chestnut and shake the man's hand. We have the belt back!

Here's a video from Chestnut's 59.5 qualifier:

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

How Many Law Students Does it Take...

As I think back on it now, it's worth posting. Today we got an hour for lunch to split up lectures. Four of us girls decided to go grab lunch out of walking distance, so we all hopped in one car. We ate, laughed, and tried to forget the state of our lives. As the hour wound down, we hopped back in the car. Normally, this would be where the story ends... we drive back down the road and get to class.

No... not four law students studying for the bar. We start by exiting the parking lot the wrong direction. We want to go left, but there's no light, and we're in lunch hour traffic. We sit there for a minute watching cars go by before we realize there's no making a left turn right here. There are poles sticking up out of the road to block us from going right, so we have to reverse to get in the right lane to go right. We're all yelling out what we each think our best plan of attack is. We make our right turn, but it's into a right turn only lane... we're circling where we just ate lunch. We're getting honked at for no apparent reason (at that point we were just driving - albeit in the opposite direction than where we needed to go). So we take the right turn only, debate our new situation, and decide a U-turn is the best option. We squeal around, just in time to miss the light that will give us the left turn we had originally hoped for. We finally make the left turn, rejoice, and then three huge over-sized vans swing out from the left and the right. At that point, all we could do was laugh at the situation and cross our fingers that our drama didn't end in a wreck.

We made it back... late...

Long Days (again)

We've been in 9 to 5 class... I'm going insane. They're giving us the California MBE stuff instead of the typical Miami stuff, and I'm not happy about it. I know it's the same MBE - but I hate those professors! I tend to doze off, zone out, and in the end, I left about 30 minutes early to beat rush hour traffic.

We get tomorrow "off" for the 4th - whatever "off" means.

Monday, July 2, 2007


A friend sent me this link. It's titled "Failed Massachusetts bar applicant sues because he doesn't want to answer a question about Massachusetts law."

I don't want to answer questions about ANY law... I guess that means I need a new career.

EDIT: I found another link. It has some hilarious quotes including:

Those 'mos and their acceptance-craving ways are stifling my efforts to get my legal on!

Sunday, July 1, 2007

I've become boring and selfish

It's funny. I've thought the same thing about this blog. I always think that anyone who knows me solely from this blog will think I'm a miserable, selfish, bore.

I read my posts to see that I am being selfish. That I am focused on me and my life to the exclusion of humor or the news. I'm overly concerned with details that won't matter in the future and I'm talking about them. I'm silly. I over-react. I'm not thinking enough. I'm boring. And what I write doesn't sound like how I want my words to sound.

I'm sure this is a combination of many things (what I'm doing with my life on a daily basis isn't how I'd like to spend it, stress, and the fact that my filters aren't on when it comes to bar posts, to name a few...).

Regardless, I think one of the hardest things about the bar study period is that it brings out some of your worst qualities. On top of everything else. Who needs to deal with their failings as a human in the middle of this mess?

Oh. Right. That's how we grow into better people. Fun. Please excuse me while I go grow some more.

I found that post here. (I couldn't figure out how to link the exact post, but that's the blog.)

Dress Fitting

I'm getting a taste of the real world again today. I've got to go get fitted for a bridesmaid dress. Of all the glimpses of real life, this one is bound to cause more stress.

Anyone who has been through this can attest - people in bridal shops live to cause stress. I'm convinced that it's their hype that has caused our Bridezilla society. When I called them last week, the woman who answered the phone sounded like she was going to burst out of her skin, because of the joyous occasion I would be attending this fall. I'm not the type of girl who has been dreaming about my wedding day since I was 5 - and this isn't even my wedding!

Then I basically got berated for waiting so long to go in for a fitting. Apparently two month's (plus) notice is late in the game, and I should be lucky if they have time to get it finished (I mean, hello, this is an off-the-rack type place... don't I just tell them my size and it comes in from whatever store has it?) Truth be told, I was even hoping to put it off until after the bar exam (especially to account for the extra 10 pounds I'm expecting to gain).

Oh well - I better shower and hit the bridal shop.

UPDATE: Of course, after all the hassle, I can't order the dress from that store... I have to either drive 7 hours to another store where it will be waiting in time for the wedding. Or, I can order it here, and then drive back here after I've moved away next month. I really do think everything has to be more complicated because we're studying for the bar.