Monday, September 10, 2007

I just realized

Bar results come out a week from today. I probably won't know for another week after that, because I don't remember my file number. Oh well, opening a letter is more exciting anyhow! Ooo the tension (funny, I can joke about it now - I don't feel crazy apprehension)

Edit: I guess I'll be looking online afterall. My friend said you just look it up by the number that's on all the papers they send to you. I've got tons of those papers lying around.


Anonymous said...

Huh. Here in CA we have nine weeks and one day left.

Best of luck.

Liney said...

But who's counting, huh?

Doris said...

My God....This is going to kill me! This is worst than the exam, just wait, wait, and the worst is I already know I failed. I dont know why the wait. Just tell me I failed. This really sucks

Liney said...

You and Josh. Josh called me at like 1am freaking out. But remember - if we fail... lie lie lie!