Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Goodbye Florida Fleas; Hello Alabama Mosquitoes

Civ Pro today - what a yawn. Apparently it's highly tested, so it got a whole day to itself.

I got my seat assignment - not bad - only half a mile from my hotel. They're crazy about sunglasses, pens, and pencils. I mean, they must have said that they were prohibited at least 15 times. I mean - how is someone going to cheat by bringing in a pencil? Have the FRE carved into the side of one?

Anyhow, as a break I took a swim. Someone must be cracking the whip on me, because a hoard of mosquitoes came and got me - 3 bites on my face/neck (the only part out of the water). Jeez bugs - I deserve a LITTLE break.

I'm getting excited about visiting Chicago. It's been so long since I've been up there! 8 or 9 years at least. I'm not stressed about this exam (yet), so I'm hoping this trip is an exam/vacation. I've not put the books down in what seems like years now. I finished exams a week ago and hopped right into this.

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