Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Problem With NOT Using Commercial Bar Review

*Sigh* So I finally realized that MBE subjects can be tested on the MEE. Then today, I pulled out another source that says admin law, tax, and suretyship can be on the MEE or Illinois Essays, one. Three more subjects?!?! Nooooo!!!

Admin Law - I took the class in law school. All I remember is that it felt like con law. I'm going to play the odds on this one and skip it.

Tax - I thought for sure, since I had an LL.M. in tax that this wouldn't be an issue. I skimmed the outline of the text and realized that I know nothing about super basic income tax. I can't point out an above-the-line from below-the-line deduction, because I normally just pick up a 1040. Regardless, I'm not going to bother with this one either.

Suretyship - This one I think I should take a stab at. I only know two things about this subject: (1) Statute of Frauds applies, and (2) the difference between a guarantor and a surety is that sureties are primarily liable and guarantors are only liable once you've made a demand on the primary person. Yeah... that's it.

Hopefully this post will be a calming influence for the rest of you sitting for the IL bar. If you even sat through a lecture on one of these subjects, you're ahead of the game (or at least ahead of me)!

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