Sunday, July 20, 2008

Wills & Trusts

I covered wills and trusts today. That marks the official coverage of every non-MBE subject. I think the MBE subjects can be on the MEE, so I suppose I'll review those too if I have time. However, tomorrow is being devoted to practice. I'm going to do two essays on every subject I've covered and make note of any trouble subjects.

A classmate of mine is sitting for the California bar this summer. He took Florida in February, and New York and Connecticut last July. Considering that his circumstances are similar to mine (i.e. he just finished exams two weeks ago), I gotta wonder how he has the energy!! I want some of what he's taking! I'm only taking two exams within the year, and I'm burned to the core.

Anyhow - it's almost time for a dinner break.
Keep Chugging!

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