Friday, July 25, 2008

The Last Supper

So today was my last day studying in Alabama before flying up to Illinois. It was not as productive as I had hoped, because I had some other errands to handle. First, I had to call a headhunter back about a potential job, and second, um yeah... packing.

I'm still not finished packing. It's incredibly difficult to pack for 10 days of craziness. We're talking Chicago, bar exam, Miami, Melbourne, wedding, and back. That is, back for four days before flying out to Seattle. It's different climates, and events, and then all the side items - ID, bar ticket, wedding gift, etc.

Oh, and a little TMI for the internet, I got my period. Yes! The afternoon before a day stuck on an airplane - love it! I suppose it could be worse, I could have gotten it Tuesday during the exam. Sigh... I can't wait for Tuesday night! Party in my hotel room! :)

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