Thursday, July 19, 2007

Morning Conversation

This is what happens when you try to speak after doing 100 MBEs before 10am.

me: Paaaam my brain hurts
Pam: i'm sorry... just a few days until freedom, though. What are you going to do to celebrate?
me: move
Pam: HAHAHA... you're kidding
me: no - I'm moving out on saturday - new lease starts the following friday. So it's me, mom, my bar with no A/C & a Uhaul
me: omg
me: my bar
me: my CAR
Pam: hahah
me: see? I'm seriously disturbed
Pam: you were seriously disturbed beofre this test ;)
me: that was mean!
Pam: i meant it in the sweetest way
me: haha


Pam: i mean, look who's talking


Pam said...

you left off my last line...

Liney said...

Consider it added