Wednesday, July 11, 2007

What Up St. Louis?

This post has nothing to do with St. Louis except to say hi to my readers in Missouri. There are a handful of you, which is weird, because I don't know anyone in St. Louis. But of course, the more the merrier - so hello & welcome.

I stumbled onto this which made me laugh. It's so true - we have this one guy in Florida who is nuts with the acronyms. He'll make one out of anything by just taking the first letters of the elements and mushing them into a word. My favorite was: "sad breaak tad, charm t"

'Cause I'm totally going to remember that and what each letter is for - aircraft piracy?? "Dipno" was also a classic - you had to remember the D, I & P... and the N&O are really the word "no." I think I'll stick with contextual memory (which is also scary!).


Anonymous said...

From St. Louis - right back at you. I'm taking the Oregon bar (this may indeed make sense sometime in my life). I like reading bar blogs from anywhere to get perspective and know I'm not alone - I did Barbri via Ipod. And all the bar takers here are so, well, confident in themselves - or they're lying (I thought lying about how much you study would stop post-graduation).

So, how much studying are you and others putting in? I'm averaging about 8-9 hours a day, but day in and day out since the beginning (well, almost). People are talking about ramping up right now - I feel like if I do any more I'll jump out a window!

some guy said...

Yeah, the acronyms are out of control. I can only remember about 3 or 4. For some reason BRAM ACTS (the specific intent crimes) sticks in my head.

Liney said...

Oregon, huh? I almost went to law school there.

Haha - yeah, people totally lie here too. You've got the group of over-confidents and the group of under-confidents... the in betweeners seem to keep their mouths shut.

I suppose I'm around 8 hours a day. I'm brain dead after 8pm and end up watching TV while I have my books open all around me. I don't know if I'm totally with it during those 8 hours I'm working, though... I certainly break every hour.

I don't think I'm going to ramp - I think I'll stay where I am, but try to use my time on my weak areas.