Monday, July 9, 2007

Public Thank You

Today was a bad day. For starters, it's a Monday... but on top of that, we had corporations lecture which just goes on and on with minute details. I took a 15 minute lunch, and got down to work. By 6:30, my brains were scrambled, so I crawled online at a school computer and started whining to my friend, Pam.

I decide I better just leave, so I drive home, haul all my books into my apartment, and check the mail. There's a package there from Pam!!!! She baked me fancy schmancy cookies and gave me a little present. Today of all days, I really needed it. THANK YOU PAM!!! It was really what I needed, and you've got perfect timing.

Also, a friend sent me this link. To which, in my brain dead state, I replied: "Thanks for shating." So, I thought I'd shat it with all of you, because in the words of my friend, "it was nice to get some well wishes from a random source."

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