Monday, July 16, 2007


Thank god that one's over! I thought I was going to die around question 180. As I turned to the last page of questions, the text was kind of blurry and I started to wonder if I was going blind or if the print on the page was a little smeared. I decided on the former once I finished the test and couldn't see beyond two rows in front of me. This profession isn't easy on the eyes. I succumbed to glasses this year on account of my eternal seat in front of my laptop. At least I've always wanted glasses! (They're a fashion accessory!)

Anyway, the test didn't FEEL as painful as people had scared me for. I FELT like I was answering along a-okay. Then I got home to grade it. I marked my first column and only got 4 questions right. Wow, I thought, I'm not even going to make it to 20% on this baby. Then, I awoke from my post-exam stupor and realized I was grading my morning answers against the afternoon score sheet. Oops! I'd like to say that I got an 80% when I flipped it over, but I didn't. I won't get into scores, because my friends read this, and I don't like getting into all that, but I did better than the 20% I originally thought!

Wow - not only does this stuff make your eyes go to hell, but common sense has taken a back seat too. I mean, I made it through more than one column of grading the wrong thing before I realized my error. You guys had me scared so bad about it!

Alright - break over. Time to get back to evidence.

To the people who've taken the PMBR 3-day course... should I bother going to the two days of review?

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