Monday, July 23, 2007


Went to bed at 10... rolled over and I was still awake at 12... gotta run to the grocery store and post office before I hit the road... it's going to be a long day - er... week.

Edit: !$*&! %&@!^ @&!*$!!!! My apartment cut off the water WITHOUT my statutory 12 hour notice. I had to call a friend, haul it to her house with my towel, bed head, and unbrushed mouth. Thank god for friends... of all the days people... of all the days.


The Grand Poobah said...

Everybody's been telling me to get some rest. Hah! I wonder if they were able to sleep when they took it. Something tells me they weren't.

Take care, and Good Luck!

some guy said...

Good luck Liney. You will pass.

biff said...

Man yall were up too?