Sunday, July 1, 2007

Dress Fitting

I'm getting a taste of the real world again today. I've got to go get fitted for a bridesmaid dress. Of all the glimpses of real life, this one is bound to cause more stress.

Anyone who has been through this can attest - people in bridal shops live to cause stress. I'm convinced that it's their hype that has caused our Bridezilla society. When I called them last week, the woman who answered the phone sounded like she was going to burst out of her skin, because of the joyous occasion I would be attending this fall. I'm not the type of girl who has been dreaming about my wedding day since I was 5 - and this isn't even my wedding!

Then I basically got berated for waiting so long to go in for a fitting. Apparently two month's (plus) notice is late in the game, and I should be lucky if they have time to get it finished (I mean, hello, this is an off-the-rack type place... don't I just tell them my size and it comes in from whatever store has it?) Truth be told, I was even hoping to put it off until after the bar exam (especially to account for the extra 10 pounds I'm expecting to gain).

Oh well - I better shower and hit the bridal shop.

UPDATE: Of course, after all the hassle, I can't order the dress from that store... I have to either drive 7 hours to another store where it will be waiting in time for the wedding. Or, I can order it here, and then drive back here after I've moved away next month. I really do think everything has to be more complicated because we're studying for the bar.

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