Sunday, July 22, 2007

The Night Before

It's the night before I leave for the test, and I'm clueless. I dragged out a suitcase, dropped my entrance ticket in, and that's it. I never thought about the practical stuff... I went to school and printed out a map to get to the hotel. I'm not mapping out wherever the test is, because I'm assuming that there will be hordes of people walking there, and I can just kind of hop into the river and float there.

We can't bring anything into the test center, so I'm tempted to just throw my credit card & house key in my back pocket and leave it at that, but I know I'll end up bringing my laptop, cellphone, etc.

I sold a book on and it pissed me off, because I don't have time for that now! I've gotta hit the post office and grocery store before leaving town. I made more off the book than I bought it for, so it's worth it... I guess... If I don't pass I'll be needing that extra $20 dollars. Hell, I'll need it anyway - I'm still a starving student. I'm heading into my 21st year of school... can you believe that?

Anyway - if I don't hop online tomorrow (although I probably will), consider this my farewell post.

Good luck to all of you across the nation.

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