Saturday, June 16, 2007


I was just thinking about this video I found a couple years ago. It was back in my phase where I didn't like teachers to know who I was so I wouldn't get called on in class. I waited until I got my grade back from the teacher to pass it along to him. His response? "The video was just OK, substantively speaking, but pretty good, musically speaking. Thanks for sending it along--I did chuckle."

Without further adieu: Hearsay Exceptions

I discovered it here. The original poster explains:

My Evidence professor offered extra credit to anyone who did something creative within the realm of evidence...poems, stories, songs, movies, etc., the more creative, the more points.

The maker of this fabulous piece of work is a 2L who was extremely nice to let me post this here after I totally contacted him blind, introduced myself on email, and told him about the blog and how great I thought his movie was.


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