Friday, June 1, 2007

Day 4

We're four days into the course, and I just realized that "readings" aren't listed under the "homework" column on our schedule. I had been feeling like I wasn't so far behind, because I had been to all the classes, and today was the first day we were supposed to be doing actual "homework." I was checking out our homework problems, when I noticed that our schedule has an entire SEPARATE column for readings... What? Do these people not think that reading 75 pages of condensed facts and trying to memorize them doesn't count as "homework"? Actually, I think the proper questions is: how did I graduate law school and not be able to read a schedule chart?

Ugh! (You'll be hearing that a lot out of me.) So about an hour ago I thought I'd give some practice problems a shot, figuring they'd be easier than trying to make up two weeks worth of readings that I just discovered. WRONG! If we're not going to classify readings as homework, then we shouldn't classify these problems as homework either - they're technically "reading," and therefore not "homework." I mean - the fact patterns are an entire column of text (and sometimes more), such that only one question fits on a page. Until today, I had been thinking "33-34 questions an hour? Cake!" If you remember that me and reading go together like toothpaste and sesame chicken, you'll realize how screwed I just realized I am. I started those practice questions an hour ago? I've done 5. F-I-V-E.

... but I have watched half of "A Day Without a Mexican," and I call that an accomplishment. Maybe I should turn the TV off ... nah!

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