Monday, June 25, 2007

Oh God We're Sad

Me: so... did you know that cranberries were harvested by flooding?

Friend: no, lol. really? what are they before flooding?

Me: During the growing season cranberry beds are not flooded, but are irrigated regularly to maintain soil moisture. Beds are flooded in the fall to facilitate harvest

Friend: weird

Me: Cranberries are harvested in the fall when the fruit takes on its distinctive deep red color. This is usually in late September and into October. To harvest cranberries the beds are flooded with six to eight inches of water. A harvester is driven through the beds to remove the fruit from the vines. Harvested cranberries float in the water and can be corraled into a corner of the bed and conveyed or pumped from the bed.

Friend: what made you look that up? lol

Me: I saw a commercial for cranberry juice and they were standing in water

Friend: oh, lol. that's interesting, i didnt know that

Me: I know - now unzip and vomit it out, you need room for corporations... if only law was as fascinating as cranberries

Friend: lol. oh god, im not having any fun lol

Me: not even learning about cranberries?

Friend: haha. i have to admit, that's prolly the most fun i've had in a while

Me: hahaha

Me: oh god we're sad

Note: The cranberry info is from wikipedia


Pam said...

I'm still home sick, and on Food Network, the Oceanspray commercials are constantly on.

We have cranberry bogs near our house on the Cape, and one time my friend jumped over the moat onto the little island, and then he couldn't jump back because the island is lower than the earth around it. That was probably even more useless information for you...

Liney said...

How is that possible?

Joshua said...

I feel famous...

Liney said...

You are famous... by association ;)