Saturday, June 2, 2007

It's weekend!!


You don't get weekends when you're studying for the bar exam. I should've expected this. First semester of law school, one of the professors gives a speech to the entire incoming class regarding how law school exams work. The most memorable point being: You don't get Thanksgiving. I remember him now, "Your mother probably isn't going to understand, but you don't get to enjoy this holiday - regardless of the family obligations." And he was right! My last Thanksgiving was spent in an abandoned Hooters with 3 other law students. We took an hour to eat some wings - and yes, we really went to Hooters for the wings, it was three chicks and a gay guy - and we were back to the library.

I've mourned my Thanksgivings, but now my summer weekends? This is TOO much. People studying for the bar, we need to band together to take back our weekends!


Anyhow, I've been enjoying this first weekend of the bar prep course chilling with some MC questions. For a break, I called home. My sister, an attorney who took the bar 3 years ago, is home visiting my parents. We spoke, and I joked about how much fun bar review is, that every class we break open a case of beer and have a big celebration. Her response? "Oh... well... that's good, my classes weren't nearly that fun." People... my sister PASSED the bar exam on her first attempt.

There's hope for all of us.

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Monica said...

You speak of this "case of beer".... I now expect one. See you at next class, and it looks like this coming week will be decidedly more interesting than the last. Or at least more intoxicating!