Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I changed my mind

That lecturer who I came around to, sent me back around the other corner on the second day. Those hypos, while funny, were just toooo long winded. If he was doing stand up comedy - sure... you gotta set the scene. But when it's 1pm and I'm counting down until I can have lunch, I can do without the extras. **

So anyhow - we had a really horrible lecturer for the first hour today. It's this guy who everyone in the state raves about - he visits all the schools annually. When he did an overview at my school, I thought he was great, but these "substantive" lectures with him are painful.

We have these outlines with all the differences between federal and state law organized by subject. He takes each rule, puts the text directly into a black box, and then under it, puts a portion of a previous essay question from a bar exam. Then he stands up in front of us, and reads them... really fast (mispronouncing simple words, misspeaking, and having to point out typos). He doesn't give us the entire essay, so we miss a lot of context, and he doesn't bother to answer the essay snippet. I think he thinks that the "illustrations" will help us issue spot or something. But let's get real. When we're studying the law of dog bites - it really ain't that hard to spot the questions asking about it. The law of sexual battery? Consider it spotted. Now if he wanted to answer the questions, or point out a special nuance, go for it. But you don't need to read the statute that says "you're liable if your dog bites someone" and then read part of a fact pattern, and say "This issue comes up with a fact pattern like the following: 'Sam's dog bit Timmy.'" Thanks... no really, thanks...

** Note: I could be changing my mind just because I had a bad day. This bar study stuff is pretty stressful, and, as my boyfriend will openly attest, I'm hot and cold at the flip of a switch.

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