Thursday, June 14, 2007

I'm in the money!

My bar study loan arrived today. A month late - but I'll take what I can get!! I'm even going to be able to pay my car insurance!! Awesome!

In bar related news, today wasn't so bad. It was a review of a class I had already taken. It got me thinking that probably more classes should be required in law school. Most people take evidence, and I couldn't imagine graduating without it, but it's not a requirement. I never intend to be inside a courtroom, but on the same token, I feel like I couldn't be called an attorney without that class under my belt.

Speaking of which - tell me if what I've heard is true. I recently heard that you earn the title "lawyer" upon graduating law school, but it isn't until you pass the bar that you can be called an "attorney." I've always used the two interchangeably, preferring the word "lawyer." I just thought "attorney" was more high class.

Anyway, I better go - there are 138 evidence questions with my name on them!

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