Monday, June 4, 2007

Monday, Monday - Can't trust that day

Today was yet another wonderful day spent in lectures. In fact, we were having so much fun at our bar review that we stayed an extra hour! Man... we know how to party.

Today was classic. For starters, our main lecturer was Professor Whitebread. Let me preface my comments by saying that he was an excellent and entertaining lecturer. But come on! His name is "Whitebread"! Yes, I'm in 4th grade, but you had to have seen him. He had on a bow tie! My favorite part about him, was the he pronounced "not" as "nut."

Conspiracy does NUT merge.

Nut merge? Haha... well, at least it's one thing I won't forget on the exam. Thanks P. Whitebread!

Edit: Oh and yes, yes, yes! A friend reminded me - he acted out bestiality for us! Almost as good as that time that my high school biology teacher acted out turtle sex. Anyhow, I'd love to stay and chat, but I just can't tear myself away from this stuff.


Monica said...

You're not kidding. The guy did animal imitations for us- something about bestiality and how we just weren't gonna go into it...

Pam said...

"nut merge"? Whitebread? You've got the fixin's for a sandwich!