Sunday, June 10, 2007


Okay, I couldn't get anyone on the phone to whine too, so you guys are going to have to hear it - that's what you read for right?

So tonight's homework was to write an essay - we could pick from several. I finally open up my options to find that they all range from 1980-1988 examples. Hello publishers! Anyone heard of any Supreme Court cases that have come out since then? I mean, couldn't you at least draft some relevant questions? Because now I don't know if my answers don't conform to the models because I'm wrong or because your answers are old (wishful thinking, but still!).

So I suck it up, and pick an essay. I'm done in 15 minutes instead of the typical hour, because it really doesn't seem like there's any meat to the essay. I decide to check my two-paragraph "essay" against the model answer. What do I see? They've cited case names and precise locations in the Constitution for all of their propositions. Every professor has told us that we don't need to memorize those, and if that's the case with the bar exam too, why do you include those in there? You're freaking me out, bar prep! If it's just so that I can look up the case, then maybe stick a little footnote in at the end with a list of cases or something. These cases don't even have citations, so if I was curious what they said, I'd be hunting all afternoon.

Ugh... oh well, glad that's over.

On a personal note, the visit from the fam was great! They got into town around 8pm, and we went out for mexican food and margaritas. By the end of the night we were all red faced and laughing. Good times! We ate breakfast this morning, and they were out of my hair by 9:30. Perfect refreshing visit... ...until I had to do that stupid essay.

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Mary said...

You know, I was pissed off at that all day yesterday too. I mean, WTF. I appreciate that Barbri wants to give us a complete answer so we'll know what the essay would look like if we spotted all the issues present, but case names and specific constitutional references!! That's just weak. Either tell me I'll get points for naming that shit or leave it out. Damn elitist bastards. End rant.