Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Poor Starving Law Professors

And we think we have it bad? I may have been living off of easy mac for the past month, while my bar loan was hung up in processing, and signed on for another 20k loan for the next year, but man - those law profs have it rough!

Are you kidding me? You have GOT to be kidding me. That was my reaction as I read a hypo in my bar prep book. A teacher that I used to have lectures for the bar course. We always joke about how loaded he must be - he takes trips to France every winter and doesn't come back until after the semester has started (and we've missed the add/drop period). I don't know if he thought it was humorous or if he's just deluded, but he included a hypothetical similar to the following:

John is a lowly law professor whose only side income comes from lecturing for a bar prep company. Because of his dire economic circumstances, it didn't cross John's mind to disclaim his interest in the inheritance.

Give me a break. Reality check, anyone?

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