Wednesday, June 27, 2007

It's Been A Long Day

Okay, we had majorly long class today... and it was horrible (people were walking out left and right). After class, I had to meet with a professor about more brain intensive stuff. Now I'm doing my homework, and I've called the rest of the night off for some quality time with my closest friend, Mr. Cabernet.


  • (1) Property lecturer cooed about her upcoming trip to Las Vegas. I wanted to reach into the television and slap her. That should definately be on the "Top Ten List of Things Not to Say to Someone Studying for the Bar"

  • (2) Another property lecturer assured all bar takers that they wouldn't be doing well on the property section. He followed that comment up by noting that the answers are glaringly "obvious" sitting on the page, and our only job was to circle them. Thanks... Thanks...

  • (3) I made the most brilliant comment of my life: "I think in my mind." To which my friend replied, "You do a lot of thinking up there?" Laughing, I said, "Apparently not... but when I do think, that's where it occurs." Really, I'm getting dumber by the day. I'll need diapers when it's time to take the test.

  • (4) And then to round out the day, the property lecture said, "Wasn't this fun? Isn't this terrific?" Don't joke with me... your humor is not appreciated.

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