Monday, June 25, 2007

I just realized

If I fail the bar, everyone will know, because my name won't be posted on the Florida bar website as an active attorney. I know, I know, there are only 5 people in the world who would bother to look, but still... Can't I just fail in peace? I had it all planned out. I'd just take it next year, because I've got another year of school left. No one would know, because I'll be in a different city and I'd be sitting with a lot of the other kids who postponed it until they were completely through with education. My friends and I have picked out the tutor of our choice and everything!

So much for that... if law school proved anything, it's that there are sneaky bitches who will seek and elicit these things.

Anyhow, another annoyance: Our homework today says to do two essays out of a certain book. The book has several types of essays, but only one type of essay that we've actually covered in class - torts. We haven't covered the rest of the subjects in there. I don't know if we're supposed to try these essays cold as a means of some education technique I'm unaware of, or if they've made a typo. Regardless, I'm not doing the assignment. I'm doing two essays from another book where I've got more than just torts to choose from. Take that, bar prep!

It's been a long day. I got up at 6 to hit the gym before class. I've never used the gym at my apartment building before. Everything goes as planned until it's time to leave. I discover that the door is locked. There's not another keypad for me to enter my code, there's only a switch, a timer, and a daunting looking red button. I check out all the other doors in the room - no exits. Covered in sweat, and not wanting the maintenance man to have to come rescue me, I place one hand on the handle to the exit and hover the other hand over the red button that's either going to let me out, set some kind of alarm off, or launch a missile on a small country.

Needless to say I made it out. Who would make the button a big red over-sized looking alarm button?! How about green for go? Better yet, since all other doors are labeled "push" or "pull" couldn't they have a sign there? It would just have saved that last .001% of my ego that I still had in tact... The part that said, "You may not be a smart girl, but you know what love is how to exit a building."


Pam said...

Oh, how long can trusty Cadet Stimpy hold out? How can he possibly resist the diabolical urge to push the button that could erase his very existence? Will his tortured mind give in to its uncontrollable desires? Can he resist the temptation to push the button that, even now, beckons him even closer? Will he succumb to the maddening urge to eradicate history? At the MERE...PUSH...of a SINGLE...BUTTON! The beeyootiful SHINY button! The jolly CANDY-LIKE button! Will he hold out, folks? CAN he hold out?

Liney said...

No! I can't!! I'm sweaty and someone's going to see me in my hot pink gym shorts and over-sized law geek shirt.

Joshua said...

which tutor did you choose?? :D

Liney said...

Sambito! Doris and I are down... let's go thirdsies